Introductory Dance Specials


VIP Treatment with Award Winner Instructor!

First Special Dance Package includes:

  • Two 40 minute private Lessons.
  • Just $75 Single or Couple! (Regular Price: $180)
  • For More Information or to Schedule Your First Lesson Today Call (440) 871-7827!

Second Special Dance Package includes:

  • Three 40 Minute Private Lessons.
  • One 45 minute Group Lesson.
  • One Practice Party.
  • Just for $135! (Regular Price: $325)
  • Call to schedule: Westlake Studio (440) 871-7827.
  • For More Information or to Schedule Your First Lesson Today Call (440) 871-7827!

Come join the fun and our dance community!  At Starz Ballroom, we make dancing fun and easy …  we have award winning instructors that can take you from beginner to competitor in very little time … at what ever pace you desire.

Learn to Dance Now Caption

As a first time student at Starz Ballroom, our introductory special delivers the best way to quickly learn how to join the Cleveland dance community. These offers are designed to give you a few moves, while fully acquainting you with the studio and all aspects of our teaching and programs. There is no partner necessary to enjoy this  introductory special.  No pressure.  We are all here to enjoy the art of dance.

VIP Quick Start Dance Program

We offer our students an introduction to Starz Ballroom, their professional instructor with this quick start, introductory into our dance community so YOU can quickly begin to enjoy the art of dance.  Next, as you continue dancing, you will know how to select the program that works best for you.

After your evaluation lessons your professional instructor will give you suggestions about what path you should take to reach your dancing goals with the following:

  • Answer any questions you may have about dances, classes and programs
  • Share with you how to get plugged into an encouraging community of dance enthusiasts
  • Offer V.I.P. program options and discounts for first time students
  • Explain your instructor’s evaluation and suggestions before you make any decisions

Learn how to dance today

Set up your first 40 minute private lesson and join the fun and our close-knit community.  After your first lesson, we will tailor the rest of your lessons for you for quick success.

Please note: The 2-40 private lessons must be completed within 7 days of the first visit.