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Starz 4th Anniversary and Red Carpet Party Interviews

Diane Interview

Jane From Alpha Studio

Lori Varga Interview

Holly and Bob Interview

Deb and Don Interview

Starz Ballroom Summer 2012 Showcase

Sandy Mambo

Mauren Foxtrot

Sandy Bolero

Jeanne Hustle

Camilla Swing

Lynne Tango

Kendall Chacha

Starz Balroom Spring 2011 Showcase

Verneda Salsa

Avelino and Kennedy Bolero

Danijela Bolero

Laura Int. Rumba

Kathy Quickstetp


Joann and Anderson Rumba

Joann and Anderson Mambo

Grand Opening Videos

JoAnn And Anderson Bolero

Holiday Showcase Dec. 2009

Donna & Charles Chacha

Kim and Anderson Paso Doble

Kathy And Anderson Chacha

Emmanuel and Liana Bolero

Kim & Anderson Samba

First Year Anniversary and Starz Awards Party

Kathy and Anderson Hustle



Kristine and Anderson Bolero


Lynne and Anderson Tango





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