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Let’s Dance ! Starz Ballroom – Twinsburg Studio

Starz Ballroom has one of the best student dance programs available today.  Award winning instructors will guide you through the exciting world of dance so you can learn socially with confidence. Starz Ballroom’s proven technique of combining private lessons with group lessons and practice parties will help you obtain all of your dancing goals.

Private dance lessons move at your pace, the instructor focuses on your desired dance style demonstrating the basics and fine-tuning your technique. During group lessons, the instructors teach men and women separately, and then bring couples together to practice with or without music. Throughout the class, students rotate partners to improve their leading and following skills.

Classes are typically scheduled Monday–Friday and Saturday by appointment.  After students have had time to master some moves, they can show off their new-found skills in dance parties with students of similar abilities. The dance parties set a lively and fun atmosphere to mimic an actual social gathering.

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Westlake Studio Instructors

Anderson Sylvestre
Owner/Manager, Starz Ballroom

Mr. Sylvestre is a national ballroom dance competitor and an instructor who brings out the best in everyone — from beginner to the most advanced. He brings cutting edge technique to the dance floor, the latest trends in steps and body movement and a continuous smile that’s definitely contagious!

Mr. Sylvestre is originally from the Caribbean island of Haiti, where he owned the ballroom dance studio Salsa Plus. He brings an authentic Caribbean style to those hot Latin dances, especially salsa, mambo, cha-cha and rumba and more … From 2003 to 2009 Anderson owned two Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Willoughby and Northfield, Ohio.

He’s a terrific instructor, with 17 years experience in making students comfortable. “If you can walk, you can dance,” he always says, and he’s been right every time.

Mr. Sylvestre won 4 times Fred Astaire Ohio Regional Competition (American Rhythm), and was the Fred Astaire National Rising Star champion in Orlando, Fl. and Las Vegas , NV . He was also a finalist in lots of competitions across the country.

He competes with his students nationally and internationally in all levels and in 4 styles (American Rhythm, American Smooth, International latin and International Standard).

Andy Slimak
Teacher/Manager, Westlake & Twinsburg Studios

Andy Slimak is so thrilled to be back teaching in Northeast Ohio at STARZ Ballroom. Andy started teaching ballroom nearly six years ago in Northfield at Fred Astaire Ballroom where he first met Anderson Sylvestre, since then he has worked in Cleveland and Columbus with the Fred Astaire franchise and other independent studios. Andy is full Bronze certified and the Fred Astaire 2007 Rising Star Champion, 2009 Mixed/Novice Champion as well as 2009. Andy has had multiple students win competition titles including from 2008-2010 sharing 5 Top Junior Awards between 3 different students! Andy also holds a degree from Cleveland State University in Theater and Performance Arts. He excels in his Smooth/Standard dances but is no stranger to Rhythm and Latin. Take a lesson with him and decide for yourself.

Yuliya Volokh
Teacher, Westlake Studio

Yuliya was born in Russia, where she began ballroom dancing at the age of 7. She began to dance professionally while in college when she was hired by a Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Northfield. Since then, she has been competing with students, as well as professionally, both nationally and internationally. Yuliya has received several Top Teacher awards, won multiple Fred Astaire Ohio Regional Titles, and participated in Cleveland Dancing with the Stars three times. She has coached with the top ballroom dancers like Tony Dovolani and Karina Smirnoff, continuously improving her technique. She lived in Miami for a year, where she worked for Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Coral Gables . While in Miami, she attended several Salsa congresses and numerous workshops for New York style Salsa, training with some of the best salsa dancers in the country. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Modern Languages and owns a Language Services company called “miaLingua”.

Shawn Bolling
Teacher, Westlake Studio

Shawn began his ballroom career by opting out of going to a traditional university, and put his education efforts into learning ballroom dancing. Shawn has become a well-rounded dance instructor as well as training for competition ballroom dancing in Pro/Am divisions. Shawn started his dancing in the Cleveland area, where he has received on-going training from a number of top coaches, quickly raising his level of expertise. In his time he has done a great job with his students, whether teaching them social dancing or choreographing some amazing routines for their exhibition desires. In his off time, Shawn likes singing, writing songs, playing sports and working out, his favorite sport to play- Basketball.

 Teacher, Westlake Studio

Judi began as a student at Starz Ballroom, where she competed in both Smooth and Rhythm dances at major competitions. She has received recognition for being an overall competitor and top student. She has received training form top coaches and continues to work to expand her knowledge. 

Judi merged her love for dance, with her desire to help others, and became a dance instructor. She is certified in both Smooth and Rhythm Dances and shares the joy of dance with her students. Judi’s professional career includes teaching, public speaking, working as a clinical therapist and a business owner. She has a BS in Education and a MA in Clinical Pastoral Counseling. She sold her business in 2017 and devotes her time now to teaching at Starz Ballroom in Westlake

Teacher, Westlake Studio

Amanda has always had a love of dance.  She attended Carol Landis Dance Center where she was exposed to jazz.  In her early twenties, she was welcomed to train with a local multi-media performance company named SAFMOD, (sub atomic frequency modulation over dose).  After studying with the company for only a few months, she became a core member and worked with the company for a total of six years under artistic director Young Park.  The company focused on modern and contemporary forms of dance, but also included break dancing, capoiera (a Brazilian martial art), butoh (Japanese dance theater), as well as stilt dancing, silks, and low trapeze.  The ensemble traveled, performed at the Cleveland Playhouse and was a resident company of Cleveland Public Theater where they displayed full length features.  Amanda became versed in several forms of dance, but modern and contemporary became her focus. She furthered her study of dance at Cleveland State University while pursuing her degree in Spanish education.  Her love of the latin dances became apparent when she was exposed to salsa in 2012.  Eventually, she began her training in ballroom in 2015 and has had coaching with Susie Thompson and Rosendo Fumero.  Amanda continues to train in American smooth, rhythm and latin.  She teaches at Starz Ballroom in Westlake where she is waiting for you to come in for a lesson.


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