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Youth Classes


Enrollment has begun for the Starz Kidz Dance Kamp for children, Tweens and Teens beginning June 18th, 2014 for 4 weeks, twice a week with our high-trained and accredited dance teachers will introduce attendees to the basics of many popular social dances, including Waltz, Swing, Rumba, Cha Cha, Foxtrot and Tango.

It isn’t only that which will be introduced. As any ballroom dance student knows, they also learn posture, balance, poise, get great exercise and they also learn dance and social etiquette as well – some of the many benefits that studying ballroom dance gives its students.

Wed. & Fri.- 4:15- 5:30pm

The cost for the entire Kidz Kamp will be $200 per attendee.

kids flyer

Kid Programs

Starz Ballroom is committed to providing fun, exciting, and challenging classes to people of all ages; including kids. We offer a special program specifically designed to meet the needs of children ages 8-14. We offer private lessons with one of our qualified dance instructors and also provide special group classes just for kids! We not only offer a fun and relaxed atmosphere, but also a challenging and rewarding dance experience. Kids can benefit from learning from the best, and can even pursue their dancing through competitions and shows offered through Starz Ballroom. Contact us today about more information regarding our kids program!

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