Avelino Davila

Avelino Davila, Jr.
Dance Instructor

Avelino Davila Jr. has been teaching dance for 11years. What started as an attempt to make new friends, quickly turned into his passion. Avelino began his professional career with franchised studio “Fred Astaire Dance Studios” where he won Top Newcomer Instructor! He then joined the Starz Ballroom, Westlake family where he refined his dance technique. Avelino has trained with both social & ballroom professionals during his career to include Eddie Torres Jr., Melissa Rosaro, Griselle Ponce, Bill Sparks, Kimberly Mitchell and Ms. Pat Traymore. “Ms. Traymore taught me that it’s okay to get it wrong, but next time, ‘Get It Right!’ ” Avelino competes with several of his students in Ballroom Dance Competitions nationwide as well as instructing on a regular basis for social events in Northeast Ohio. “Dance gives me the confidence to be me, I’m equally confident that I can offer the same to YOU!”