Blackpool Dance Festival

If you have been ballroom dancing for a little while, you have probably heard about Blackpool or perhaps watched videos of this competition. If you are really lucky, you may have attended this event in London. For those who don’t know much about Blackpool, put in layman terms, it is the largest ballroom competition in the world. If your goal is to become the World Ballroom Champion, this is the festival that will get you that title. It is going on right now, May 24 – June 1, 2018.

The festival actually began in 1920 in the Empress Ballroom at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool. It spans thirteen days and covers Ballroom and Latin styles for Adult Amateur and Professional couples, as well as Formation Teams. In 2005, two events were added – British Rising Star Amateur Ballroom and Latin Competitions.

Last year, sixty one (yes, 61!) countries were represented at this competition, with a total of 2,970 entries. Since the competition is so fierce, although anyone can enter to compete, it tends to attract only the best dancers from each country.

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