Lesson Types

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Why Choose Private Dance Lessons?

The benefits for choosing personal dance lessons over group classes are numerous, but mainly, the lessons are structured purely on the needs of that student. The teaching goes at that dancer’s pace, whether they learn slower or faster than most people. Individual, personalized attention is given to improve your technique and your dancing skills which will give you the confidence to dance well, in any situation. Whether you want to compete or dance socially, private lessons are the preferred recommendation.

In a private dance lesson, the teacher is afforded the opportunity to see everything the student is doing and is likely to have an opinion on it. For anything beyond basic social dancing, private dance lessons are an absolute necessity.

Our dance instructors are well-trained in a wide variety of dances. If the students have no dance experience, the teacher will likely suggest a plan for meeting the student’s goals and then start with the very basics. In those lessons, students can ask as many questions as they need to, and the teacher will explain things as needed until the student understands the concept.

Private Dance Lessons

Private dance instruction is the best way to learn and the fastest way to begin to enjoy dancing.  At Starz Ballroom, students can schedule private lessons Monday through Friday from 10am to 10pm, and Saturday they can schedule by appointment only. Our private lesson is 45 minutes in duration.  Sometimes students take a double private lesson, meaning two 45-minute sessions together.  Additionally, a couple may elect to an exchange lesson by splitting between two different teachers (the lady takes a lesson with a male instructor, while the gentleman takes one with a female instructor). Usually, those students learn 3 to 4 times faster.

Group Dance Lessons

Some people are too shy to try a group class. However, it can be a lot of fun. It is a good way for you to meet other students and make new friends in the studio.

Our 45-minute Group Dance Classes give students a chance to learn new dance moves and review some of the steps they have already learned in a great environment.

Group Dance Lessons: Everyone is in it together

The most important thing to remember about group lessons is that everyone is there for the same reason: to learn to dance.

How Group Dance Lessons Work

The teacher will first separate the men from the women and teach them their steps and patterns; then, the men and women will pair up and learn to dance the pattern together with and without music. Partner switching is highly encouraged, but not required. The teacher will also demonstrate and answer any questions students might have.

Changing Partners in a Group Class

One aspect of group classes that some people find intimidating is the practice of trading partners, which dance teachers will often instruct the class to do. However, this is an important part of learning to ballroom dance. Changing partners helps to improve leading and following skills. In addition, if a dancer is struggling with learning a concept, dancing with other people who have already learned it will help. Couples who refuse to change partners often fall behind the rest of the class. Dancing with a variety of partners is a commonly accepted practice and is recommended for your best chance at success.

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Practice Dance Parties

Practice parties are important for your advancement. Dance parties are a fun way to increase your ability and confidence when dancing with a partner.

Parties are designed to make a variety of partners available to practice with. You can work on your leading and following skills in a fun, comfortable environment.

Check the calendar for the dates of our parties at Starz Ballroom.

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