We Are Family!

Meet Our Friendly Staff & Instructors!

Lizabeth Rice

Senior Managing Director

Before gracing the ballroom floor at Starz, Liz has been in the Ballroom Dance Industry for several years –  having worked in both the Fred Astaire and Arthur Murray Dance Studios – prior to owning & operating several successful independent ballroom studios of her own across the country.

Shawn Bolling

Dance Instructor & Choreographer

Shawn has trained under some of the top Ballroom & Rhythm coaches in N.E. Ohio – Kimberley Mitchell, Bill Sparks, Jonathan Green, and Adam Maynard just to name a few. Shawn began his career with plenty of Theatre/Art experience, right from graduating high school he went into the Ballroom Dance industry under the direction of Lizabeth Rice.

Avelino Davila, Jr.

Dance Instructor

Avelino Davila Jr. has been teaching dance for 11years. What started as an attempt to make new friends, quickly turned into his passion. Avelino began his professional career with franchised studio “Fred Astaire Dance Studios” where he won ‘Top Newcomer Instructor’, before he joined the Starz Ballroom Westlake family!

Andy Slimak

Senior Dance Instructor

Andy has been a registered professional for almost 15 years. Beginning his career with Fred Astaire, he is certified through a mid-level Silver and has won many state and local awards. Students have shared multiple awards with Andy including three young ladies sharing the Top Junior Awards in 4 consecutive competitions.

Kristen Iannicca

Dance Instructor

At the age of four, Kristen found her passion as she began her dance training in ballet. She would go on in  2010 to study American Smooth & Rhythm Ballroom Dance at Fred Astaire under Minas Katsantoris.  Kristen received her instructor certification in May 2014, and would go on to compete in the professional division later that year.

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