Ballroom Dance Program

Our progressive program is specifically designed for students who wish to continue to develop their Ballroom skills beyond the completion of the Basic Introductory Packages we offer. Our program’s curriculum consists of three levels, each following a syllabus accredited by Dancesport. Beginning at the Bronze level, our students will advance into competitive Ballroom dancers!

American Style Medalist System

Bronze Level

Silver Level

Gold Level


Students will start with the ‘Beginner Bronze Program” and advance through 3 Levels. Upon completion, the student should be able to demonstrate strong movement together with a good understanding of Rise & Fall, alignment, connection to partner and music, as well as good footwork and neat foot positions.


In the Silver Program, students will work specifically on improving leg and body actions, connections, and musicality. Your dancing will exhibit a sophisticated understanding of timing and rhythm. Upon completion of the Silver Level, you will experience a greater sense of self-confidence, poise, and flexibility, and comfortable dancing with partners of all levels.


The highest level of dancing – we will make a student dance like a professional with motion, poise, and style!

Next Steps…

Whether you’ve never danced before or are returning to Ballroom Dancing, we are ready to assist you take the next step into advancing your competitive dancing career!